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Greetings fellow metalheads!

I know, it's shocking. September has only just passed and I'm already presenting you with a summary. I have very irregular patterns of sleeping, listening to the music, playing video games and everything interrupted by also irregular pattern of migraines. Oh, almost forgot - and full-time job. Also, I like to be as unpredictable as possible, almost as unpredictable as the music on our playlists. Just to keep you on your toes.

September has come up with a lot of releases to which Metalbite folks tried to bring your attention. We have a very light start with Riverside's latest "ID.Entity" (reviewed by Adam M), Dying Fetus "Make Them Beg for Death" (reviewed by TheOneNeverSeen), Rotten Casket with "Zombicron" (reviewed by Michael) - I mean if the band has Martin from Asphyx on vocals Stefan from Asphyx on drums and Yorck from Sodom on guitars, I guess if you don't listen to it, it would be just wrong. There's also Necrotted "Imperium" (reviewed by TheOneNeverSeen), Woe "Legacies of Frailty" (reviewed by Vladimir) and Moonlight Sorcery "Horned Lord of the Thorned Castle" (reviewed by Vladimir) - you can compare your notes with them as soon as you listen and maybe notice you have just found something to enrich your metal diet. Our playlist also includes the latest Taake, Primal Fear, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Marduk (reviewed by Fernando in August), Sodomisery (probably my favourite from that month), Kvelertak, Hiems, Cryptopsy, Shining (the black metal one from Sweden, just to be clear), Damnation's Hammer (with quite a few very interesting guests), Brujeria, Baroness, Alkaloid (doesn't matter if you take one or not while listening), Thy Art is Murder, Cannibal Corpse, Nervosa, KK's Priest and Harms Way to just name those which jumped at me and I had to give them a bit of my attention. But there's a lot more to check out, just head on to our playlist:

The list of EPs as usual is short, so here's the full line-up: Undergang, Heads for the Dead, Fluisteraars, Blessed Black, Vault, PeelingFlesh, Holycide, Huronian, Myth of I, Shiva, Anime Torment, Wolves in the Throne Room, Waldgeflüster, Sabhankra, Nganga and Ad Hominem. These can all be found under the link below:

I've managed to find 3 splits released in September, Lipoma/Torture Pig, Ascète/Morteruine/Moisson Livide/Herlequin and Sulphurous/Proscription. Try to find the common thing these bands have with each other while listening:

Now, the singles. Few Metalbite fellow metalheads were lucky to hear some albums in full, while you can check out the promoting songs - Hegeroth (reviewed by Fernando), One of Nine (also Fernando), Sulphur Aeon (Michael), Cirith Ungol (Vladimir), Trivax (Vladimir). We've also had premieres on our website with tracks from Reckless, Hellevaerder, Arborescence of Wrath and Inculter. You can find them all on our singles playlist, together with the latest tracks from Sadus, Insomnium, Shylmagoghnar (can't wait for the new album), The Ritual Aura, Sammath Naur, Prong, Where's My Bible (another one to add to my collection of bands with names which would indicate it would be something funny, but actually it's a quality piece of metal, just like Nicholas Cage Fighter), Wolfheart, Burzum, Morbid Saint, Krieg, The Voynich Code, Suffocation, Pain, October Tide, Doro, Therion, Endseeker, Stortregn, On Thorns I Lay, Cobra Spell, Amaranthe, King, Autopsy, Blood Red Throne and many more. If you need a sample before you get excited about upcoming big releases, head onto our playlist:

The list of some material recorded during live performances came from Amorphis, Apocalyptica, Arpeghy, CoreLeoni, Faust, Hei'An, Mayhem, Metallica, Obscura, Orphaned Land, Overt Enemy, Rage in My Eyes, Traitor and Watain. The playlist below:

Some of the older stuff got refreshed as well, so you can listen to some of your favourites once again and check if the material still holds well. The bands which can be found below: Aetheric Existance, Azaghal, Motörhead, Grá, Crisix, Seventh Wonder, Waldgeflüster, Danzig, Minenwerfer, Sorcier Des Glaces and Dismember.

I've also found some compilations which were released in September and they include Jack Starr's Burning Starr, Ironflame, Jackal's Backbone, Grave Digger and Bruce Dickinson. Some previously heard and unheard of tracks can be found on the compilation of the compilations I've compiled below:

You can always follow our profile on Spotify to keep an eye on the regular (actually no, very irregular) updates. I've already created a list for singles from October as there's a new single out from Astarte with guest appearance of Morfeus from Limbonic Art. Sounds like a very interesting collaboration. Don't forget to share good music with your friends (and bad music with your enemies), share some disposable income with artists you like the most, share your vehicle with coworkers from the same area and share some good advice with people you like. For example this one - mosh responsibly. Because sharing is caring. Unless you don't care, in that case don't do any of the above and throw your hands in the air.

Your fellow metalhead,


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