Feature:21FebDigging Through Past

Digging Through Past

Greetings to all you MetalBite legion! Another edition of Digging Through Past is up and ready to be enjoyed. Even more old...

Review:18FebBORKNAGAR - Fall


I remember how floored I was when I first listened to the fantastic debut by Norwegian Borknagar back in 1996. Icy riffs, catchy...

Review:18FebDARKESTRAH - Nomad


Darkestrah, well, I had read this name from time to time, but I never really took notice of the formation. A few days ago, I...

Review:17FebHÄXANU - Totenpass

HÄXANU - Totenpass

It’s a golden rule since “Hell Awaits”. This milestone was the last album which could compete with an overwhelming debut....

Review:15FebRITES OF REGRESS - Dust


Although I have never really cared that much to check out blackened doom metal bands, I was lucky enough to stumble on a few...

Review:14FebAFSKY - Om Hundrede År

AFSKY - Om Hundrede År

There are relatively few albums in this listener’s collection that were purchased directly from the band. This one, however, was...


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