Review:10Jul2 WOLVES - Not Worth It

2 WOLVES - Not Worth It

As darkness has permeated Suomi horizons o’er winter-swept landscapes: frigid, dismal and depressive, Finland’s 2 Wolves have...

Review:9JulBLITZKRIEG - Blitzkrieg

BLITZKRIEG - Blitzkrieg

In this wild and ever-growing year of 2024, who would have thought that one of the crucial names in New Wave of British Heavy...

Review:9JulWRAITH - Fueled By Fear

WRAITH - Fueled By Fear

June was one hell of a month with all the numerous releases coming out from all parts of the world, some of which could be easily...

Review:9JulBLOODCROSS - Gravebound

BLOODCROSS - Gravebound

Fucking Finland, man… Need I say more? From Bodom to Wolfheart and Sargeist; one of the world of extreme metal’s most renowned...


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