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Genre: Groove, Thrash

United States Country of Origin: United States

For All Kings For All Kings Full-Length 2016
Worship Music Worship Music Full-Length 2011
Greater Of Two Evils Greater Of Two Evils Full-Length 2004
We We've Come For You All Full-Length 2003
Madhouse - Very Best Of Madhouse - Very Best Of Compilation 2001
Return Of The Killer A Return Of The Killer A's Compilation 1999
Volume 8 - The Threat Is Real Volume 8 - The Threat Is Real Full-Length 1998
Stomp 442 Stomp 442 Full-Length 1995
Live-The Island Years Live-The Island Years Live 1994
Sound Of White Noise Sound Of White Noise Full-Length 1993
Attack Of The Killer B Attack Of The Killer B's EP 1991
Live Noize Live Noize Video/VHS 1991
Through Time (P.O.V.) Through Time (P.O.V.) Video/VHS 1991
Persistence Of Time Persistence Of Time Full-Length 1990
State Of Euphoria State Of Euphoria Full-Length 1988
Among The Living Among The Living Full-Length 1987
I I'm The Man EP 1987
Armed & Dangerous Armed & Dangerous EP 1985
Spreading The Disease Spreading The Disease Full-Length 1985
Fistful Of Metal Fistful Of Metal Full-Length 1984