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Swedish “Death Metal” is getting a new description... A melodic meanderings of most of the current Swedish bands is replaced with ferociously brutal and “un-Swedish” assault called Aeon. Tommy Dahlström answers ware short but strong and to the point much like his band’s debut MCD. The band’s “Promo 2000” was so impressive and powerful that Necropolis Records couldn’t let it be unheard and before the arrival of Aeon’s full-length they decided to release it as “Dark Order”... For that, let the eternal fire burn for them endlessly.


Why after releasing very successful “Serenity in Chaos” Defaced Creation decided to split up?

I really don't have a good answer to that. But I guess we all were a little bit tired of each other. Defaced still exist you know but only with one original member.

How long after the break up of Defaced Creation did the idea of Aeon come up?

About a year.

Can you give me a short history of how all the current band members ended up in Aeon?

Zeb did have some stuff that we never used with Defaced. So he called us up and asked us to help him record the songs. So we did and the songs turned out to be so fucking brutal so we decided to make a promo out of it. And here we are now.

Aeon’s “Promo 2000” is the best demo I’ve ever heard. Music, sound, production… everything is almost perfect. Where did you recorded it and how much time did it take?

We did only a quick in and out in the studio when we recorded the promo it only took us a few hours. We recorded the promo in a studio called Courthouse Studio with our bass player Johan behind the mixer table.

Is the idea of releasing your debut MCD “Dark Order” with all tracks from “Promo 2000” was only based on the demo’s good quality?

We did a new recording for the "Dark Order" mcd and we did add three new tracks on it. Johan did a great fucking job behind the mixer table and he did give us the best fucking death metal sound i have ever heard. Unfortunately something did went wrong at the press of the "Dark Order" mcd so the sound on the cd is BAD compared to the master tape.

I’m asking because according to the promo material you have had already written material for a full-length album. Why than demo MCD as your debut?

We are far away from done with writing stuff for the full-length album we are working every day on the new stuff so we can make them as good as possible.

Based on your bio Aeon is different from other death metal bands since speed is not all you strive for and you take time to write good riffs and lyrics. How does the composition process look like in Aeon?

So far it has been Zeb who has been working on the most of the material. He makes the riffs then put it all together and then we rehearse it and make some changes in the structure and make sure that all the instruments are playing "supportive" to each other, to gain the most powerful assault. We also make sure that all the parts have the same intensity and that they are connected to each other properly. Another thing we do is that we always try to do unpredictable things and that's why it may sound technical. That's not to show of it's to keep the listeners attention. You should be able to discover new details even the third and fourth and fifth time you hear the song. For an example: The verse on 'Hell Unleashed' sounds nothing unusual if you are not aware, but if you take a good listen you’ll notice that the blast beats are 7/8:s. The intensity is the key to make good death metal not the speed!

Since most of you play in other bands or side projects, is Aeon a main priority for all members?

Yes, Aeon is the main priority for all the members.

You lyrics carry very anti-christian message. Is it your personal believe or band’s image?

It's my personal believe. I live in my own world and my world is evil and that's what "Dark Order" is about.

Who is the author of the amazing cover art on “Dark Order” which perfectly represents the content of CD?

His name is Jose Montemayor and yes he did a great job.

You already have written the new material… how different or similar is it from your debut MCD?

We like Aeon brutal! So brutal music is what you are going to get. "Dark Order" is a very brutal piece of death metal but the new record will crush every thing! Your high speakers will bleed when you play it.

When can we expect a full-length release? (I need dates... can’t wait.)

I think it will be ready next summer.

What are the plans for showing your destructive power during the live shows?

We will start thinking about touring after the release of our full-length.

Any closing comments?

"Dark Order" is just the beginning of Aeon's crusade against the top of the death metal throne. And believe me WE WILL CONQUER THE THRONE.

Entered: 9/18/2001 5:24:41 PM

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