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MB Premiere: CREPUSCLE - 'Heavenly Skies' full album stream

Symphonic melodic death metal is but among the last set of things I would have expected to hear coming from The Golden State, California; then again it would be fitting given the golden quality of music offered here. "Heavenly Skies" is CREPUSCLE's second full-length record as an answer to outperform their debut "Draconian Winter" released in 2014.

"Heavenly Skies" attires itself in the garments one would recognize as belonging to both symphonic and melodic death metal, while inviting an air of European power metal. This gust of melodies and symphonies ever sweet to the ears take the listener to the respected abodes of elements both loved and feared by mankind; to the swallowing depths of the oceans, through magical skies and heavens glory. Their sound, a triumphant vaunt calling forth ethereal blessings whilst speeding towards mysteries through a journey both enchanted and dangerous.

Fighting against agony, dispelling the despair, CREPUSCLE with "Heavenly Skies" take the listener/s from an ashen grey of despondency to an ever-lit milieu of shades beautiful in splendor. Today, MetalBite are delighted to premier a full album stream thus given a seat in this vessel to tag-along for the majestic and atmospheric voyage CREPUSCLE promises. From "Heavenly Skies" to "Ethereal Waters", "Resignation" and "Limitless", a clarion ushering this dawn of mysteries blows with might never-waning.

Creator-Destructor will release "Heavenly Skies" on CD, 2xLP, and all digital platforms this Friday, October 11th, the first pressing of the vinyl in a run of 250 copies – 100 on galaxy green and 150 on blue with splatter. Find preorders/bundles at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Eligio Tapia comments: "The time we have all been waiting for is finally upon us. It is a pleasure to finally be able to present to you what we have been meticulously refining for many years. We thank all our fans that have been with us since our first album for their patience and welcome new fans to the realm of Crepuscle. We hope you enjoy the journey we have prepared for you!"


Eligio Tapia - Guitar, Vocals
Cameron Stucky - Guitar
Aaron Robitsch - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Gavin De Vaughn - Bass, Backing Vocal
JB Schuler - Drums


Entered: 10/10/2019 9:27:54 AM