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MB Premiere: BLACKTHORNE - 'Blackthorne' full album stream

Fueled by historical occurrences leading up to the current times, BLACKTHORNE through their self-titled album, aim to stomp out all things they detest socially. Taking refuge under the political umbrella, the Twin Cities quintet bring with them a voice echoing through the underground at a deafening pitch through 'Poser Disposer', 'Choose Your Side of History' and 'The Minds Ear'. Fusing hardcore riffs, vocals and drumming with a bit of punk metal anti-society spice, BLACKTHORNE awaken the anger of all standing with them.

Vocalist Travis Bos comments: "With prior releases for Blackthorne, I never really tried to take the lyrics too seriously. We started out as a band that just wanted to have fun and to be more lighthearted. Not for any real reason beyond the fact that we all have known one another for decades and have a good chemistry together musically.

After about three years’ time, a lot in life we couldn't control had happened. Such as losing many close friends and family to suicide, opiate addictions or natural causes, to the current climate politically, and so on. Most of this all happened in a very brief period, too. So naturally our outlook shifted, and it became a lot easier and more natural to express all these frustrations we've all been going through. The music is a lot darker this time around and with more depth. Not to sound cliché, but it's an honest effort of expressing how we felt as band and how we've changed as people during the process."

BLACKTHORNE presents their self-titled LP through a collective of independent labels: Nefarious Industries, JEMS, 5nakefork Records, and Damien Records. Following an independent limited cassette release, BLACKTHORNE's debut full-length has been expanded with new songs and has been remixed and remastered for vinyl.

"Blackthorne" will see its official release on vinyl and all digital platforms on October 25th, 2019. Each label involved will have a unique ordering bundle available.


Bob Eisenbise – Bass
Steve Brooks – Guitar
Mickey Kahleck – Guitar
Matt Seitzinger – Drums
Travis Bos – Vocals


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