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MB Premiere: CAGE OF CREATION - 'Into Nowhere XI'

On April 29th, 2020, Russian psychedelic black rock act CAGE OF CREATION will launch their second full-length, "Into Nowhere II" via Devoted Art Propaganda, but today we're proud to present the new chapter of atmospheric madness, 'Into Nowhere XI'.

If you were looking for avant-garde black metal that is on the far side of odd then you won't be disappointed with the premiere of CAGE OF CREATION's 'Into Nowhere XI'. It's quirky, strange, unorthodox all the while dark, molested and mesmerizing. Can't recall the last time or if I have ever encountered something so 'weird'.

Like merging some elements of Disharmony, Hexenbrett and Cemetery Lights with those of a storytelling type of blues or horror themed animated music from the 70's or something along the lines. This puts the idea of thinking outside the box to new levels; it remains to be heard if their full-length album "Into Nowhere II" can produce results just as outlandish and remarkable as this.

The second part in the "Into Nowhere" album series, "Into Nowhere II" takes the listener deep into the forest on a lunar shamanic journey, it explores moonlit nights, the thin line between meditation, death and infinity.

"Follow up your end-journey deep through the timberline.
Just remember, the deeper into the wood you go,
the more angry your demons go!"


P. - Vocals, backing vocals, guitars, samples and percussion
W. - Backing vocals, bass
O. - Backing vocals, drums

Devoted Art Propaganda

Entered: 4/21/2020 9:00:05 AM