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MB Premiere: GRAVEHUFFER - 'Causes'

Batshit crazy is perhaps the best way to sum-up what you'll hear on Missouri's GRAVEHUFFER. These guys play thrash/grind/crust/and whatever else they decide to add to it. They've been around since 2010 and "NecroEclosion" is their 3rd full length in their discography.

'Causes' being the single gives us a sample of the insanity GRAVEHUFFER bring to the stage. It's grind/thrash/crust and a sudden outburst of black metal from nowhere. Their musical palette is all over the place, you can't predict what they'll do next so your best bet is to stay wide awake in preparation for whatever they got aimed at you. 'Causes' sounds like zombies on crack going at it. It's thrashy-black-punky-grinding metal that is all the while catchy. It has a furious offset and gives no shit; sounds about right for the genres they play.

Out through Black Doomba Records on January 15th 2021. So pick up "NecroEclosion", put you headphones on, hit the streets, play this 'Blasphemusic' and 'Shut Up And Skate!'


Travis McKenzie - vocals
Ritchie Randall - guitar/vocals
Mike Jilge - bass
Jay Willis - drums/vocals


Entered: 11/19/2020 8:29:10 AM