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MB Premiere and Review: EYE OF PURGATORY - 'Pieces Of A Fading World'

Rogga Johansson is having a phenomenal run in the Swedish death metal soundscape. It was only a few months ago he steered the direction of side project Revolting that saw massive success with the release of "The Shadow At The World's End". Now he is back once more to captain the ship on EYE OF PURGATOR's 2nd full-length album "The Lighthouse" (out via Transcending Obscurity Records on June 18th, 2021); and man what a marvelous job he was able to pull off this time also in steady winning momentum as demonstrated with Revolting.

The Lighthouse is a very good installment to the project being EYE OF PURGATOR, it takes Swedish death metal and mixes it with 2nd wave black metal melodies done in Dissection style. The two strongholds of the Swedish metal domain meet in graceful matrimony to create another memorable piece of death metal. Joined by Taylor Nordberg (guitars/keys/drums) and Jeramie Kling (bass) both of which are involved in several acts, help to formulate the shape and story of this death metal tale. And while it may be nothing revolutionary, credit has to be bestowed upon these individuals for the fine job done on the album.

Spanning about 35 minutes, The Lighthouse assaults the ears with sweet melodic passages and rhythms that'd almost bring you to tears before the end of the journey. Eerie pieces are also added to the fabric of The Lighthouse along with almost middle eastern sounds to broaden the sonic aspect of the material. And with the signature Swedish death metal writing style being handled by the wealth of experience of Rogga, there could be no flaw, shortcoming, or misstep in the shaping of the music.

Full review of EYE OF PURGATORY sophomore release The Lighthouse can be found here.


Rogga Johansson - Vocals, Guitars
Taylor Nordberg - Drums, Lead Guitars, Keyboards
Jeramie Kling - Bass



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