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MB Premiere: NUCLEAR WINTER - 'Greystone' full album stream

Seen NUCLEAR WINTER a few times now in my promo box but never took the time-out to listen to the sounds of the Zimbabwean melodic death metal outlet. The location should have been enough for me to give the tunes a listen but as usual, the limited availability of time and being flooded with promos makes it all too much of an attempt in futility. Turns out NUCLEAR WINTER has a full length coming out on the 21st may 2021 and after listening to just the first track off "Greystone", 'The Wastelands' it could be said that the one man project has a sound musical idea that creates a feeling of migrating from one emotional musical state to another. Lots of keyboards, really good growling vocals, drums are elementary and not over the top and the guitars work their way in with the backing synth to create a dynamic rhythmic experience. It's a track that seems to build up for a grand story altogether, a story you'd be more than pleased to be immersed in when the full record is released on MMD records. In the meantime we are honored to present you a full album stream below.

Band mastermind Gary Stautmeister commented: "I'm very happy to have completed this new album titled Greystone. I was aiming to produce something heavy but also more electronic than my previous EP. It was quite challenging mix-wise because each song uses a slightly different sound on the drums/bass/guitars, but I feel the overall production is an improvement from my previous work, and the songs are now hopefully more distinct from each other. I especially like Corridor of Shells - which is about a battle in which the surrendering army brings shame to their country."


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Entered: 5/19/2021 12:05:20 AM