MB on Spotify - July summary

Greetings, fellow metalheads!

The summary for July is here! Even if it's late, I can assure you it's worth checking out as, at least in my opinion, it was another month full of interesting sounds, coming from all possible subgenres and microgenres of metal. If you want to check if your shopping list with last month's releases is complete, here's some help for you.

There are few interesting new names amongst albums released in July - Ashes for the Mute with their first full length, Bizarrekult, Diabolizer and Felled give very good first impression, too, but we also got some releases from bands which already have some experience, like Ophidian I, Born of Osiris, Cognitive, Erdve and Galvanizer. Obviously the bigger names are here as well, like legends At the Gates, power metal stars Powerwolf, with interesting collaborations on their second disc and Netherbird with their third album with the same line-up. You can listen to them and a lot more by going to our playlist here:

We've got a really nice playlist with EPs for you as well, with the following bands: 71TONMAN, Callidice, Carnifex, Cosmophobe, Dead Earth, Death on Fire, Fox Lake, Godhead Machinery, Kryptan, Malacoda, Mayhem, Moon Reaper, Severed Boy, Shrieking Demons, Silent Obsession, Truculency and Vaciø. If you've been waiting for some new material from your gods of shredding and do not mind getting for example only one new track, two bonus tracks from previous album and some cover versions, then sure, go ahead and click the link below:

Singles is as usual my favourite place to search for new stuff, we've been given over 9h45min of bands promoting their new material, choosing the ones they are the most proud of. The list includes Aborted, Act of Denial, Alcatrazz, Benighted, Bound in Fear, The Breathing Process, Burial in the Sky, Cradle of Filth, Dagoba, Ex Deo, Groza, Hooded Menace, Insomnium, Iron Maiden, Kaamos Warriors, Leprous, Ministry, Obscura, Rhapsody of Fire, Rivers of Nihil, Sabaton, Shadow of Intent, Signs of the Swarm and Vulvodynia to as usual give you a list of things that definitely drew my attention. Especially Groza (whose full-length is on our August playlist already), which I strongly recommend. If you want to feel as if you were listening to the CD added to your favourite monthly metal magazine, just click the link below:

The list of splits from July is quite short as we've got only 1.5 of them - Vampirska/Wampyric Rites with "The Drowning Void" and only Shatter Brain's tracks from their split with Requiem:

Now, the live albums - we've got Acid Drinkers with their two shows from 2014 and 2019, teaser of Judas Priest's remastered live show from 1986, Paradise Lost with their "At the Mill" show, Sterbhaus, Swallow the Sun and few live tracks from Virtual Symmetry. The playlist perfect for practicing your headbanging skills (and stage-diving, if you're feeling adventurous enough) is under this link:

Some interesting remasters have also been released in July, and it's not only Vader's "De Profundis" that got new treatment. We've got a remaster of 1914's "Eschatology of War", Ascension of the Watchers bring back 2000s with not remaster, but an album with remixes, we've got remastered "Enter Suicidal Angels" EP from Dark Tranquillity, Hideous Divinity's demo "Sinful Star Necrolatry", Hypnosia's "Extreme Hatred", Kreator's "Golden Age" track from "Endorama", Opeth's 20th anniversary edition of "Blackwater Park", Snogard's EP from 2020 and Xalpen's album from 2020. All are ready for your ears under the link below. Are your ears ready?

Only one compilation was found by yours truly in the list of releases from July and it's "Avvik" from Taake, a mixture of tracks from 10-inch records, but remastered especially for this release:

Enjoy checking out the lists, make sure to follow our profile on Spotify to be most up to date with the latest releases (additions usually made every weekend), share the love for extreme sounds with other people and don't forget to show your support to the artists using your favourite form of expression. Legally permissible, of course.

Mosh responsibly! \m/

Entered: 8/17/2021 12:51:07 PM