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MB Premiere and Review: CULT OF EIBON - 'Phaesphoros'

Could not wait for a follow up to Lycan Twilight Sorcery from CULT OF EIBON. Like a child that can't keep still for a minute, I'd find myself visiting The Metal Archives for an update in the discography section of this band. Then a track off the album was uploaded on the Iron Bonehead channel and my eyes lit up. Saw the promo soon after, hit play and still can't stop blasting this thing. Same experience with Caedes Cruenta's "Of Ritual Necrophagia And Mysterious Ghoul Cults" that resulted in an instant vinyl purchase thanks to a special someone, Black Flame Dominion will have you digging in those pockets to fork up the cash.

Coming from the guys in Caedes Cruenta, Kawir, Walpurgia and Black Blood Invocation (still on the lookout for that full length), there was no doubt that that this album would contain the same level of proficiency as their prior works and more notably what is expected of such a prestigious unit in Greek black metal. The simplicity of the drumming merged with traditional heavy metal guitar licks and piercing keyboard melodies makes for a consuming, immersive and mystifying listen. As to how many times I've had Black Flame Dominion on repeat is beyond keeping track of especially when you've got so many great songs featured on the album. Today we are proud to present a new single, 'Phaesphoross' featuring Echetleos (Kawir/Ithaqua/Walpurgia etc) and Xexanoth (Black Blood Invocation doing backing vocals).

Full review can be found here and Iron Bonehead Productions set October 29th as the international release date for CULT OF EIBON's long-awaited debut album, Black Flame Dominion, on CD and vinyl LP formats.


Xa'Ligha - Drums
Nyogtha - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Porphyrion - Vocals


Entered: 10/1/2021 8:42:13 AM