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Greetings, fellow metalheads!

Here's another summary, irregular like Meshuggah's (or Carbomb's) tempo. May went by way too fast for my typing skills, my concentration levels and basically the amount of free time slots to fit any commentary. Anyways, the essence is the music and my short commentaries are not really reviews, so you probably haven't missed anything if you kept an eye on our profile on Spotify which was updated a bit more regularly. You've got Nate fortunately to give you the highlights from May, I would probably add Dååth (I'm a huge fan of Krimh's drumming, so when there's no follow-up to amazing Eboncrown at least this side-project soothes my cravings, plus this album has quite a few interesting guest guitarists, to name Dean Lamb and Jeff Loomis at least), also let's not forget about the fact that May was the month when new releases came from Six Feet Under, Necrophagia, Crownshift, PAIN, Marty Friedman, Kerry King, Vredehammer, Wormwood, Tsatthoggua, The Troops of Doom, Myronath (this one caught my attention really quick) and my favourite - Cobra the Impaler.

So, my conscience is clear, your backlog for May has been completed, now let's move on to June. Unique Leader Records has got the new Vomit the Soul album. New full lengths also came out from heavy metal veterans Holy Mother, we also have new Evergrey and Apocalyptica decided they're not done with Metallica yet. Another heavy metal legend Sabbat released new material and you should check out the latest Embryonic Autopsy with guest performances from James Murphy, Jack Owen and Terrance Hobbs. If some of you remember Kittie, you should be happy to hear that they released another album after 13 years. I am definitely happy to see the new Limbonic Art release, I can listen to their back catalogue over and over and never get bored. Other notable releases came from Illdisposed, Crystal Viper, Hail Spirit Noir and 200 Stab Wounds. Enjoy!

EPs from June include Moon Reaper, DVRK, Celestial Sanctuary, Charcuterie, Graveslave, Windswept, QAALM, Lucifericon, El Profanador, Nytt Land (Pt. III of their long tale) and Slugcrust. Slightly over 3 hours of music and you'll be up to date on EPs I've found in June:

Now for the bands keeping us in suspense before we can hear the full releases - we've got Sinnrs, Wormed, Plaguewielder, Hammerfall, Category 7, In Aphelion, Oceano, Wolfheart, Heaven-Gemini ("Vangin Dilemma" was one of my favourite earworms in June), Eye of the Enemy, Seth, Consumption, Armored Saint, Vulvodynia, The Black Dahlia Murder, Toward the Throne, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Alunah, All That Remains, Summoning the Lich, Oceans of Slumber, Extinction A.D. (with guest appearance of Matt Heafy), Michael Schenker Group, Wormwitch, Powerwolf, Ghost, Genus Ordinis Dei, Einherjer, Dark Tranquillity, Tribulation and Defiled. Also, what makes me the most excited - the new single from God Dethroned, I really can't wait for another album. Obviously there are many, many more, so get in a discovery mode and press play:

I've got only one split for you from June, Nebula/Black Rainbows:

The list of live releases has gone a bit smaller, probably will get longer after all festivals during summer, but June brought us Amorphis, Angra, Jinjer, Metal Church and Terrorizer, so still quite solid line-up for a good show:

The month of June brought us refreshed old material from 96 Bitter Beings, Cavalera Conspiracy (after recording "Morbid Visions" for the second time, we've got "Schizophrenia" re-recorded), Concrete, Dark Funeral (two re-recorded tracks from the upcoming re-release of their debut EP, often called "Open the Gates"). Dan Swanö has re-released both "Until Eternity Ends" EP and "Purgatory Afterglow" album, and both have been re-released twice, one version is "Remix" and the other is "Remaster". I've always been a huge fan of any release where Dan is doing vocals or playing any instrument, so I strongly suggest you should listen to both (or I should rather say all four), frequently, on repeat. And then check out his back catalogue.

Don't forget to follow Metalbite's profile on Spotify for more frequent updates, keep on checking all new releases in never-ending quest of finding the metal gem, share your findings with anyone you meet, let the artists know you like their creations and support them in any other way you can.

And since we're approaching the festival season - have fun but never forget to mosh responsibly \m/

Your fellow metalhead,


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