The Week In Metal - Week Of Feb 3 - 9, 2020

Can't believe we're already into a second month of 2020... and it almost feels like I've missed something important. It's that empty feeling of knowing that there's a superb record, possible top 10 at the end of the year, and I haven't heard it yet! This really makes me anxious and very tense, and if you want to avoid those symptoms start getting through lists like the one below, because you might find music that will make your day, week or even a year.

Till next week...

Thrash metal from Australia: Warrior Within - In Light Act II (Independent)


Funeral Doom metal from international band: Aeonian Sorrow - A Life Without (Independent)


Doom, death, gothic metal from United States: Cold Colours - 2 Decades of Depression (Independent)


Melodic, symphonic metal from Netherlands: Delain - Apocalypse & Chill (Napalm Records)


Death, grind, brutal metal from France: Depraved - Raped Innocence (Music Records)


Doom metal from Spain: Funeralia - Adaptation (Black Tears Of Death)


Doom, sludge metal from United Kingdom: Goblinsmoker - A Throne In Haze, A World Ablaze (Sludgelord Records)


Blackened Death metal from Netherlands: God Dethroned - Illuminati (Metal Blade Records)


Death, brutal, slam metal from Japan: Gorevent - Fate (Comatose Music)


Blackened Death metal from Germany: Horresque - Chasms Pt. I - Avarice And Retribution (The Crawling Chaos Records)


Power, heavy metal from United States: Ironflame - Blood Red Victory (Divebomb Records)


Folk metal from Italy: Kanseil - Cant Del Corlo (Rockshots Records)


Progressive, deathcore from United States: Krosis - A Memoir Of Free Will (Unique Leader Records)


Thrash, death metal from United States: Machinations Of Fate - Machinations Of Fate (Redefining Darkness Records)


Death, grindcore from United Kingdom: Napalm Death - Logic Ravaged By Brute Force (Century Media Records)


Progressive, symphonic metal from United Kingdom: Operose - Oceans Of Starlight (Lion Music)


Doom, death, sludge metal from Canada: Purveyors Of Sonic Doom - Eyeless Void (Independent)


Thrash, power metal from Italy: Revoltons - Underwater Bells Pt.2: October 9th 1963 Act.I (Sleaszy Rider Records)


Thrash, groove metal from Brazil: Sepultura - Quadra (Nuclear Blast)


Black metal from Greece: Serpent Noir - Death Clan OD (World Terror Committee)


Black, death, dark metal from France: Svart Crown - Wolves Among The Ashes (Century Media Records)


Thrash, melodic, death metal from United Kingdom: Sylosis - Cycle Of Suffering (Nuclear Blast)


Death, progressive metal from United States: Thoren - Gwarth II (Drylands Records)


Doom, sludge metal from Germany: Warped Cross - Rumbling Chapel (Black Sunset)


Doom, sludge metal from United States: Radian - Chapters (Independent)


Black metal from Ukraine: Goatreich - Godfetor (Ashen Dominion)


Black, viking, pagan metal from Spain: Itnuveth - Enuma Elish (Base Record Production)


Black, atmospheric metal from Ukraine: Ygg - The Last Scald (Ashen Dominion)

Warrior Within, Aeonian Sorrow, Cold Colours, Delain, Depraved, Funeralia, Goblinsmoker, God Dethroned, Gorevent, Horresque, Ironflame, Kanseil, Krosis, Machinations Of Fate, Napalm Death, Operose, Purveyors Of Sonic Doom, Revoltons, Sepultura, Serpent Noir, Svart Crown, Sylosis, Thoren, Warped Cross, Radian, Goatreich, Itnuveth, Ygg

Entered: 2/10/2020 11:08:15 PM