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MB Premiere and Interview: WINTER DELUGE - 'Degradation Renewal' full album stream

It's a very rare thing these days to stumble across a black metal band that is honest with themselves and about their music. Far too often the image painted by many 'black metal musicians' exceeds that off their mental and musical limits. However; in Auckland New Zealand, WINTER DELUGE sets themselves apart from the fake with their latest EP "Degradation Renewal" set for worldwide release on April 24th, 2020 via Osmose Productions. Not claiming to be an innovative offering, this EP displays a sense of confidence among members in doing what WINTER DELUGE does best, Black Metal. With the premiere of the upcoming EP, guitarist Arzryth (Aaron Baylis) sacrificed some time to answers MetalBite's questions about the "Degradation Renewal" and other topics.

It's been 4 long years since "Devolution - Decay", what prompted the absence?

Nothing really, just the natural cycle of shifting our focus back to writing new material. Just living our day to day lives, listening to music, rehearsing once a week, hanging out, drinking/smoking together you know… the usual shit. A few shows were had in that time but not many, mainly just shows that we wanted to play. You will stagnate the live atmosphere for your band if you play here too often or if you just play with any old band for the sake of it.

There are too many bands in metal and black metal specifically, what does Winter Deluge bring to the table that other black metal bands don't?

I don't know… we just follow our own instinct. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that we are 100% "original" or that we do "this" or "that" better than others because we have no desire to try and sell ourselves in that way. We create music the way we want to hear it and if there's a part that happens to remind us of a certain riff or bands who have inspired us, then so be it. Without a doubt everyone should seek originality within their creations, but primal instinct always brings you back to what you were raised on and I can't see why I would have any desire to reject that. The bands before you (classical, blues, rock n roll, heavy, thrash, black, death metal or whatever) are already engrained in you therefore there should be no need to compare yourself to other bands around and certainly not just to "black metal" bands. People can take it or leave it.

Thus, what aspects about the current black metal scene bother Winter Deluge?

I wouldn't say "bother" but what tends to give us the "Fuck that" observation, is cunts going on stage dressed like fuckwits pretending to play black metal. Trendy short haircuts, caps, shorts, sneakers the lot… and if not that… they look like they've come straight to the gig from there cozy desk job. It's a bloody joke! haha I think they call it post black metal or something crazy like that…None the less, it's shit and it is not convincing. It just tells me that they've probably never listened or been into any good heavy metal or rock n roll. Fuck that.

Why release new Winter Deluge material now? World events, mankind's decline, any factor/s in general that may have triggered it?

Just a coincidence mate, the EP was recorded a year ago and Osmose set the release date back in January. No doubt it's a pain in the arse logistically around this time, but ironically I think the times are very fitting to the EP's theme, wouldn't you agree?

Full interview can be found here.


Aaron Baylis - Guitars
Nathan Baylis - Drums
Mort - Guitars
Thomas Meissner - Vocals
Tommy Gibson - Bass


Entered: 4/20/2020 12:01:53 AM