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Greetings fellow metalheads! 

It is that time to try and summarize all headbanging-worthy stuff that has come out last month. And it's been quite busy month and as usual we have something for you to try out in all categories from raw to polished, from slow to fast, newcomers and old-timers. So, hold on to your socks as they might get knocked off by all the sounds listed below.

As usual we start with "The Best Of" section of October - the singles. Big guns last month were: AC/DC, Accept, Dark Tranquillity, Deeds of Flesh, Epica, Fates Warning, Hatebreed, Macabre, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Sodom and Soilwork, to mention just the "veterans" of the scene. But there are plenty more. I am personally excited about The Monolith Deathcult and can't wait until I can hear their new full-length. 90 tracks lasting over 7 hours, which I managed to dig out from dark corners of Spotify especially for you, can be found here:

EPs in October were also quite good representation of how the scene is doing and again we've got some big names here. We've got releases from Carcass, Carnal Ruin, Death Angel (acoustic EP with their version of Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure"), Dehydrated (powerful female growling), Foul Body Autopsy, Funeral Harvest, Graves of Giants, Gruzja, Inferi, King Parrot, Troll (it's been a while), The Troops of Doom, Uncle Woe and Wake. You can find such a variety of metal subgenres that you should get an EARFUL, should you decide to listen to them all (LOL). Which I obviously recommend, it's only between 3 and 5 tracks from each band. Anyways, here's the link:

Right, now something for patient people and I don't mean people who are under medical care. I mean people who are interested in the whole set of songs that the bands decided to put together in an album, organize them in a specific order, carefully pick the album cover that matched the content and design the booklet. If you're still reading this before I even started giving you the list of the bands, you might be one of them. So, the bands: Abstract the Light (Australian black metal), Abyssal Ascendant (French death metal), Alleyway (Speed metal/punk rock from the US), Amiensus (progressive black metal from the US), Anaal Nathrakh (no, auto-correct, it's not a typo...) (British Industrial black metal/grindcore), Aphonic Threnody (international funeral doom/death), Armored Saint (heavy metal from the US), Arroganz (German black/death), Arseis (folk/black/death from France), Ascension of the Watchers (if you're interested in Burton C. Bell's current full-time band, more of a goth/alternative/industrial rock), Ataraxia (darkwave stuff from Italy), Atheos (tech death from Ireland), Atlases (post metal from Finland), Ba'al (black/sludge/post metal from the UK), Benediction (British death metal legends, probably my favourite from October), Bihargam (US black metal), BleakHeart (US shoegaze/indie/psych/goth rock mixed with doom metal), Bleeding Out (death metal/grindcore from Canada), Blood of Angels (melodic death from the US), Corners of Sanctuary (heavy metal/hard rock from the US), Crippled Black Phoenix (UK all-stars alt rock band), Cryptae (Dutch death/doom), Cynabare Urne (Finnish death metal), Darzamat (Polish symphonic/goth/black), Demonical (death metal from Sweden), DevilDriver (groove/melodic death from the US), Empress (doom/sludge/post metal from Canada), Enslaved (progressive black from Norway), Epitimia (Russian atmospheric post black), Gargoyl (US band with style hard to describe, something with 'progressive' in the description, that's for sure), Goratory (US tech brutal death), Hellripper (UK one-man speed/black),  Incinerate (brutal tech death from the US), Incinery (UK thrash), Infera Bruo (prog black from the US), Infiltration (death metal from Russia), Insidious Disease (all-star death, including Silenoz and Shane Embury), Kraken Duumvirate (experimental black/doom from Finland), Lord Almighty (prog black from the US), Mors Principium Est (melodic death from Finland), The Myopia Condition (an impressive mash-up of styles from Canada), Nachtblut (melodic gothic black from Germany), Nahemia (Polish black metal), Necrophobic (Swedish death/black), Netherblade (thrash from Italy), Orcrypt (black metal from the UK), Pallbearer (doom from the US), R.I.P. (doom from the US), Rise to the Sky (atmospheric doom from Chile), Saltas (death/doom from Sweden), Sarcator (blackened thrash from Sweden), Shibalba (all-stars dark electronic stuff), Six Feet Under (death/groove from the US), Skeleton Pit (thrash from Germany), Solitary (thrash from the UK), Spirit Adrift (heavy metal from the US), Star Insight (melodic/symphonic death from Finland), Thanatopsis (US death/thrash), Trail of Blood (melodic thrash from Germany), Trident (death/black from Sweden), Undeath (death from the US), The Unguided (melodic groove metal from Sweden), Venom Prison (death metal/hardore from the UK), Vessel of Light (doom from the US), Vitam Aeternam (weird dark electronic project of guys from the US, Mexico and Norway), White Walls (prog/groove from Romania), Wyrmwoods (atmospheric avantgarde black from Finland), Yaotl Mictlan (folk/black from Mexico)and Yatra (stoner/doom from the US). Yep, this month gave us a lot of albums to check out, so stop whatever you're doing and click the link below now:

Live releases from October - Autopsy, Devin Townsend, HammerFall and Skálmöld released full live shows, but we also have been given some smaller appetisers from Bleed from Within, Cirrosis, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Iron Maiden, Jinjer, Katatonia, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Periphery and Voivod. Feel that atmosphere of live shows by clicking the link below:

If you've been waiting for some old albums to get re-polished and re-released with some previously never heard-of bonuses check out the link below. I think the biggest of them all is Motörhead with 73-track long, 40-year anniversary edition of "Ace of Spades". But also we've got reminders of the past albums from Azaghal, Fluisteraars, Pantera, Sacramentum and Wormwitch. And another teaser from upcoming re-release of "Solem Vatem" by Krosis. If you don't click the link below and forward to 10 friends now, some guitarist somewhere will experience the snap of g string, live, on stage.

To stay up to date, add our playlists to your library and keep on checking our profile if you can't wait until these excellent summaries are written and you just care about the music.

Mosh responsibly \m/

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