Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media Review   The Book Of Souls Full-Length 2015

Review   The Final Frontier Full-Length 2010

  Flight 666: The Original Soundtrack Live 2009

  A Matter Of Life And Death Full-Length 2006

  Different World Single 2006

  Dance Of Death Full-Length 2003

  Edward The Great - The Greatest Hits Compilation 2002

  Rock In Rio Live 2002

Review   Brave New World Full-Length 2000

  Ed Hunter Compilation 1999

Review   Virtual XI Full-Length 1998

  Best Of The Beast Compilation 1996

Media Review   X Factor Full-Length 1995

  A Real Live Dead One Compilation 1993

  Live At Donnington Live 1993

  Fear Of The Dark Full-Length 1992

  No Prayer For The Dying Full-Length 1990

Review   Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Full-Length 1988

  Somewhere In Time Full-Length 1986

  Live After Death Live 1985

  Run to the Hills Single 1985

  Powerslave Full-Length 1984

  Piece Of Mind Full-Length 1983

  Number Of The Beast Full-Length 1982

  Killers Full-Length 1981

  Iron Maiden Full-Length 1980

Total Albums: 26