Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media Review   The Fall Of Hearts Full-Length 2016

Media Review   Sanctitude Live 2015

  Dethroned & Uncrowned Full-Length 2013

  Dead End Kings Full-Length 2012

  The Longest Year EP 2010

Review   Night Is The New Day Full-Length 2009

  July Single 2007

  Live Consternation Live 2007

  Deliberation Single 2006

  My Twin Single 2006

  The Great Cold Distance Full-Length 2006

  The Black Sessions Compilation 2005

Review   Brave Yester Days Compilation 2004

Review   Viva Emptiness Full-Length 2003

Review   Last Fair Deal Gone Down Full-Length 2001

Review   Teargas EP 2001

Review   Tonight’s Music EP 2001

Review   Tonight's Decision Full-Length 1999

Review   Discouraged Ones Full-Length 1998

Review   Brave Murder Day Full-Length 1997

  Sounds Of Decay EP 1997

  For Funerals To Come EP 1994

  Dance Of Decembre Souls Full-Length 1993

Total Albums: 23