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Genre: Atmospheric, Doom, Rock

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

City Burials City Burials Full-Length 2020
The Fall Of Hearts The Fall Of Hearts Full-Length 2016
Sanctitude Sanctitude Live 2015
Dethroned & Uncrowned Dethroned & Uncrowned Full-Length 2013
Dead End Kings Dead End Kings Full-Length 2012
The Longest Year The Longest Year EP 2010
Night Is The New Day Night Is The New Day Full-Length 2009
July July Single 2007
Live Consternation Live Consternation Live 2007
Deliberation Deliberation Single 2006
My Twin My Twin Single 2006
The Great Cold Distance The Great Cold Distance Full-Length 2006
The Black Sessions The Black Sessions Compilation 2005
Brave Yester Days Brave Yester Days Compilation 2004
Viva Emptiness Viva Emptiness Full-Length 2003
Last Fair Deal Gone Down Last Fair Deal Gone Down Full-Length 2001
Teargas Teargas EP 2001
Tonight’s Music Tonight’s Music EP 2001
Tonight Tonight's Decision Full-Length 1999
Discouraged Ones Discouraged Ones Full-Length 1998
Brave Murder Day Brave Murder Day Full-Length 1997
Sounds Of Decay Sounds Of Decay EP 1997
For Funerals To Come For Funerals To Come EP 1994
Dance Of Decembre Souls Dance Of Decembre Souls Full-Length 1993