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Genre: Groove, Melodic

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

Foregone Foregone Full-Length 2023
I, The Mask I, The Mask Full-Length 2019
The End The End Single 2016
Siren Charms Siren Charms Full-Length 2014
Rusted Nail Rusted Nail Single 2014
Sounds Of A Playground Fading Sounds Of A Playground Fading Full-Length 2011
A Sense Of Purpose A Sense Of Purpose Full-Length 2008
Alias Alias Single 2008
The Mirror The Mirror's Truth Single 2008
Come Clarity Come Clarity Full-Length 2006
Used & Abused... In Live We Trust Used & Abused... In Live We Trust DVD 2005
Soundtrack To Your Escape Soundtrack To Your Escape Full-Length 2004
The Quiet Place The Quiet Place Single 2004
Trigger Trigger Single 2003
Cloud Connected Cloud Connected Single 2002
Reroute To Remain Reroute To Remain Full-Length 2002
The Tokyo Showdown The Tokyo Showdown Live 2001
Clayman Clayman Full-Length 2000
Colony Colony Full-Length 1999
Whoracle Whoracle Full-Length 1997
Black-Ash Inheritance Black-Ash Inheritance EP 1997
The Jester Race The Jester Race Full-Length 1996
Subterranean Subterranean EP 1995
Lunar Strain Lunar Strain Full-Length 1994