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Genre: Heavy, Power

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Symbol Of Eternity Symbol Of Eternity Full-Length 2022
Fields Of Blood Fields Of Blood Full-Length 2020
The Living Dead The Living Dead Full-Length 2018
Healed By Metal Healed By Metal Full-Length 2017
Exhumation (The Early Years) Exhumation (The Early Years) Full-Length 2015
Return Of The Reaper Return Of The Reaper Full-Length 2014
Clash Of The Gods Clash Of The Gods Full-Length 2012
The Clans Will Rise Again The Clans Will Rise Again Full-Length 2010
Ballads Of A Hangman Ballads Of A Hangman Full-Length 2009
Liberty Or Death Liberty Or Death Full-Length 2007
Yesterday Yesterday EP 2006
25 To Live 25 To Live DVD 2005
25 To Live 25 To Live Live 2005
The Last Supper The Last Supper Full-Length 2005
Rheingold Rheingold Full-Length 2003
The Grave Digger The Grave Digger Full-Length 2001
Excalibur Excalibur Full-Length 1999
Knights Of The Cross Knights Of The Cross Full-Length 1998
Tunes Of War Tunes Of War Full-Length 1996
Heart Of Darkness Heart Of Darkness Full-Length 1995
The Reaper The Reaper Full-Length 1993
War Games War Games Full-Length 1986
Witch Hunter Witch Hunter Full-Length 1985
Heavy Metal Breakdown Heavy Metal Breakdown Full-Length 1984