The Week In Metal - Week Of Nov 3 - 10, 2019

And just like that, we're entering into the final stretch of the year! With just few more weeks before we crown the best of the year we shall not overlook the last two months because each year always produces few thrilling releases that we fail to recognize only because they came out in the last month or two. Case in point the list below, that hides some quality music that will definitely make my year's end list. So, keep your ears and eyes open and you might find a perfect gift for a holiday season with an album of the year that is yet to come.

Till next week...

Death metal from United States: Infirmity - Descendants Of Sodom (Lost Apparitions Records)


Death metal from Italy: Ade - Rise Of The Empire (Extreme Metal Music)


Black metal from Finland: Black Beast - Nocturnal Bloodlust (Primitive Reaction)


Black, death metal from United States: Blood Of The Wolf - III: Blood Legend (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)


Doom, death metal from United States: Cianide - Unhumanized (Hells Headbangers Records)


Thrash metal from Spain: Crisix - Sessions: #1 - American Thrash (Listenable Records)


Thrash, black, death metal from United States: Dismemberment - Arc Of Ancients (Creator-Destructor Records)


Post-Black metal from France: End Of Mankind - Faciem Diaboli (Maleficarum Records)


Doom, death metal from United Kingdom: Esoteric - A Pyrrhic Existence (Season Of Mist)


Melodic, death metal from Finland: Event Relentless - Circle (WormHoleDeath Records)


Death, technical, brutal metal from Italy: Hideous Divinity - Simulacrum (Century Media Records)


Black, death, symphonic metal from United States: Immanifest - Macrobial (The Artisan Era)


Heavy metal from Switzerland: Megaton Sword - Niralet (Dying Victims Productions)


Death metal from France: Mortuary - The Autophagous Reign (XenoKorp)


Death metal from Ireland: Pedophile Priests - Cancer (Metal Scrap Records)


Black, doom, sludge metal from Switzerland: Rorcal - Muladona (Hummus Records)


Avant-garde, black metal from Switzerland: Schammasch - Hearts Of No Light (Prosthetic Records)


Funeral Doom metal from Belgium: Slow - VI - Dantalion (Code666 Records)


Heavy, hard rock from Germany: Spitefuel - Flame To The Night (MDD Records )


Doom, death metal from United Kingdom: The Drowning - The Radiant Dark (Transcending Obscurity Records)


Heavy, epic metal from Italy: Valar Morghulis - Fields Of Ashes (Dark Hammer Legion)


Black, groove metal from Russia: Second To Sun - Legacy (Independent)


Heavy, hard rock from Italy: Ironthorn - Legends Of The Ancient Rock (Sliptrick Records)


Death metal from Spain: Obscure - Darkness Must Prevail (Xtreem Music)

Infirmity, Ade, Black Beast, Blood Of The Wolf, Cianide, Crisix, Dismemberment, End Of Mankind, Esoteric, Event Relentless, Hideous Divinity, Immanifest, Megaton Sword, Mortuary, Pedophile Priests, Rorcal, Schammasch, Slow, Spitefuel, The Drowning, Valar Morghulis, Second To Sun, Ironthorn, Obscure

Entered: 11/11/2019 10:56:08 PM