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MB Premiere and Interview: PRIMEVAL MASS - 'Nine Altars' full album stream

Some bands cite aiming for the big stage as being a reason to play, while others find fulfillment dwelling in secrecy. Such is the case with the Greek black metal outfit, Primeval Mass. Engineered into existence in the year MM by one Orth that continues to steer the project through constant evolution; as each release has transcended his prior works, "Nine Altars" is the next step in delivering on the declaration. With the material offering much resonance, it comes as a near irresistible effort to put down after being experienced. MetalBite was fortunate to hear the words behind Primeval Mass' golden hand whom with the aid of companions conjured an architectural tempest on "Nine Altars".

The band is very obscure, especially for one that has been around since 2000, is it Greece or yourself that has had the project walk within the shadows?

Since popularity have always have been something absolutely indifferent to me and doing what I want under my own rules something absolutely important to me, you could say it is 100% my will.

Tell us a bit about the artwork but not too much to give away the interpretation.

There are certain elements in LGN's art sketch that when discovered and placed in the correct order one may have a useful tool for his individual awakening. This is the only thing I can currently say.
From where does one draw inspiration to create an album of such intensity? Literally, from everything you can experience. Living the life you choose to live definitely helps.

What was the experience like creating such a record? Did you encounter any roadblocks?

An unforgettable and educative experience that will be definitely useful in future works. Roadblocks indeed occurred but I imagine "Nine Altars" would not be that intense without them.

I understand this is Primeval Mass' most diverse album; what is the reason for such a noticeable departure from the more conservative style of playing the format?

As in every Primeval Mass release the composing procedure is very free. Alignment to the cause is what matters and the demands of what is considered as "the next step". Although all parts were worked to the bone, everything came out very naturally,

Your guitar solo on 'The Hourglass Still' is outstanding, they're also excellent on other songs such as 'Amidst Twin Horizons', tell us about the song writing process for 'The Hourglass Still'.

Thank you. Concerning 'The Hourglass Still', all writing criteria were different from any other Primeval Mass song with the exception of "Behind the Watching Shadows" from "To Empyrean Thrones" where I did something similar. What mattered was emotion alone and delivering what should be delivered one take under circumstances that should not be mentioned here.

Full interview can be found here and review of the Primeval Mass' "Nine Altars" is here.

Katoptron IX Records will release Primeval Mass' highly anticipated fourth album, "Nine Altars", on February 21th, 2020.


Orth - guitars, bass, vocals


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