The Week In Metal - Week Of Feb 17 - 23, 2020

According to some astrologists, last week's date 2/20/2020 was all about 'empowered commitments, emotional stability and the fulfillment of sacred contracts'. I'm not sure how metal community feels about all those values but one thing is certain, last week provided great number of exceptional releases throughout all metal spectrums. And if aligning of Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and the Moon under this same sign had anything to do with it, more power to them!

Till next week...

Death metal from Germany: Carnal Tomb - Descend (Testimony Records)


Black, sludge metal from France: Deliverance - Holocaust 26:1-46 (Deadlight Entertainment)


Power, heavy metal from United States: Demons & Wizards - III (Century Media Records)


Doom, death metal from Poland: Funeral Cult - Possession Done (Lusitanian Music)


Black, atmospheric metal from Germany: Gateway To Selfdestruction - Sanctus : Mater : Scortum (Northern Silence Productions)


Doom, progressive, heavy metal from Norway: Hex A.D. - Astro Tongue In The Electric Garden (Fresh Tea Records)


Death metal from Portugal: Innards - Back From The Grave, Straight In Your Face (Transcending Obscurity Records)


Black, death metal from Chile: Invocation - Attunement To Death (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Rock, stoner metal from Sweden: Lowrider - Refractions (Blues Funeral Recordings)


Heavy metal from Italy: Malamorte - God Needs Evil (Revalve Records)


Black metal from Finland: Mimorium - Blood Of Qayin (Spread Evil Productions)


Black metal from France: Mourir - Animal Bouffe Animal (Throatruiner Records)


Black, death metal from Portugal: Necrobode - Sob O Feitiço Do Necrobode (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Doom, death, atmospheric metal from Greece: On Thorns I Lay - Threnos (LifeForce Records)


Black metal from Greece: Primeval Mass - Nine Altars (Katoptron IX Records)


Black, punk from United States: Raspberry Bulbs - Before The Age Of Mirrors (Relapse Records)


Doom, stoner metal from Sweden: Saturnalia Temple - Gravity (Listenable Records)


Death metal from Germany: Scalpture - Eisenzeit (F.D.A. Rekords)


Brutal, death metal from Ukraine: Schizogen - Spawn Of Almighty Essence (Willowtip Records)


Thrash, black, death metal from Belgium: Slaughter Messiah - Cursed To The Pyre (High Roller Records)


Heavy, speed metal from Belgium: Terrifiant - Terrifiant (Gates Of Hell Records)


Black metal from United Kingdom: The Devil's Sermon - Rydwany Ognia (Putrid Cult)


Heavy metal from United States: Throne Of Iron - Adventure One (No Remorse Records)


Doom, death metal from Netherlands: Treurwilg - An End To Rumination (Independent)


Folk metal from Finland: Verikalpa - Tuoppitanssi (Scarlet Records)


Death metal from United States: Vivisect - Vivisect (Independent)


Heavy metal from Italy: Wicked Asylum - Out Of The Mist (Volcano Records & Promotion)


Heavy metal from Greece: Witchcrawl - World Without End (Katoptron IX Records)


Death, progressive, deathcore from Australia: Xenobiotic - Mordrake (Unique Leader Records)


Black metal from Germany: Nawaharjan - Lokabrenna (Amor Fati Productions)


Black metal from Poland: Profeci - Matecznik (Godz Ov War Productions)


Thrash, heavy metal from United States: Age Of Fire - Shades Of Shadow (Sliptrick Records)

Carnal Tomb, Deliverance, Demons & Wizards, Funeral Cult, Gateway To Selfdestruction, Hex A.D., Innards, Invocation, Lowrider, Malamorte, Mimorium, Mourir, Necrobode, On Thorns I Lay, Primeval Mass, Raspberry Bulbs, Saturnalia Temple, Scalpture, Schizogen, Slaughter Messiah, Terrifiant, The Devil's Sermon, Throne Of Iron, Treurwilg, Verikalpa, Vivisect, Wicked Asylum, Witchcrawl, Xenobiotic, Nawaharjan, Profeci, Age Of Fire

Entered: 2/25/2020 9:21:50 AM