Cover   Album Title Type Year
  Beyond The Red Mirror Full-Length 2015

Media   Twilight Of The Gods Single 2014

  A Traveller's Guide To Space And Time Boxed Set 2013

  Memories Of A Time To Come Compilation 2012

Media Review   At The Edge Of Time Full-Length 2010

  Another Stranger Me Single 2007

  A Twist In The Myth Full-Length 2006

  Fly Single 2006

Review   A Night At The Opera Full-Length 2002

Review   And Then There Was Silence Single 2001

Review   Nightfall In Middle-Earth Full-Length 1998

Review   Imaginations From The Other Side Full-Length 1995

  Somewhere Far Beyond Full-Length 1992

Review   Tales From The Twilight World Full-Length 1990

  Follow The Blind Full-Length 1989

  Battalions Of Fear Full-Length 1988

Total Albums: 16