Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media Review   Blood In Blood Out Full-Length 2014

  Label Showcase - Nuclear Blast Split 2012

  Exhibit B: The Human Condition Full-Length 2010

Media Review   Shovel Headed Tour Machine (Live At Wacken And Other Assorted Atrocities) (Video/DVD) Video/VHS 2010

  Let There Be Blood Full-Length 2008

  Double Live Dynamo (Video/DVD) Video/VHS 2007

  The Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A Full-Length 2007

  Shovel Headed Kill Machine Full-Length 2005

Review   Tempo Of The Damned Full-Length 2004

  Another Lesson In Violence (Live) Live 1997

  Force Of Habit Full-Length 1992

  Lessons In Violence (Compilation) Compilation 1992

  Good Friendly Violent Fun Live 1991

  Impact Is Imminent Full-Length 1990

  Fabulous Disaster Full-Length 1989

  Pleasures Of The Flesh Full-Length 1987

  Bonded By Blood Full-Length 1985

Total Albums: 17