The Week In Metal - Week Of Dec 2 - 8, 2019

And just like that, we have entered the final month of 2019, and even though I just posted our first Top 19 of 2019 from Adam I keep my eyes and ears open because there's always one (usually more) gem(s) that escapes my list while being discovered a year after, sometimes two or more! Yes, this happens even after blasting over two thousand new record a year, but we'll get to that later. For now, buckle up for the final stretch, there's still a lot to be uncovered.

Till next week...

Thrash, hardcore from Switzerland: Hellvetica - BFJ (Straight From The Heart Records)


Black, punk from Denmark: Blot & Bod - Ormekongens Argelist (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Melodic, death, progressive metal from France: Carcariass - Planet Chaos (Great Dane Records)


Black, death metal from Norway: Crest Of Darkness - The God Of Flesh (My Kingdom Music)


Death metal from Mexico: CRS - The Collector Of Truths (Concreto Records)


Doom, stoner, psychedelic metal from United Kingdom: Cybernetic Witch Cult - Absurdum Ad Nauseam (Independent)


Gothic metal from Germany: Eden Weint Im Grab - Tragikomödien Aus Dem Mordarchiv (Einheit Produktionen)


Black, atmospheric, post-black from United Kingdom: Fen - The Dead Light (Prophecy Productions)


Black, symphonic metal from United States: Helleborus - Saprophytic Divinations (Redefining Darkness Records)


Black metal from Netherlands: Hellehond - Verslonden (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Black, death metal from Turkey: Hellsodomy - Morbid Cult (Saturnal Records)


Death metal from United States: Imprecation - Diabolical Flames Of The Ascended Plague (Helter Skelter Productions)


Doom, melodic, death metal from Cyprus: Mortem Atra - A Dark Lament (Pitch Black Records)


Black metal from France: Pénitence Onirique - Vestige (Les Acteurs De L'Ombre Productions)


Death metal from Germany: Revel In Flesh - The Hour Of The Avenger (War Anthem Records)


Doom, gothic metal from France: The Old Dead Tree - The End (Season Of Mist)


Black, death metal from United States: Witchbones - The Seas Of Draugen (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Death metal from Costa Rica: Catarsis Incarne - Abiogénesis Libro III (Careless Records)


Power, progressive metal from Greece: Rhodium - Sea Of The Dead (Sliptrick Records)

Hellvetica, Blot & Bod, Carcariass, Crest Of Darkness, CRS, Cybernetic Witch Cult, Eden Weint Im Grab, Fen, Helleborus, Hellehond, Hellsodomy, Imprecation, Mortem Atra, Pénitence Onirique, Revel In Flesh, The Old Dead Tree, Witchbones, Catarsis Incarne, Rhodium

Entered: 12/9/2019 4:39:27 PM