TOP 19 of 2019 - By Yener

2019 is fast approaching the finish line and it's time for some year-end round-ups, but since we all have different music tastes and favorites, this year we're going to do this a little differently. Instead of one MetalBite year-end list, each of our staff members will present his own individual list based on his own criteria, preferences or whatever else stroke him fancy, we don't judge.

And without further ado, here's the Top 19 from Yener.

19. 1349 - The Infernal Pathway

18. Blut Aus Nord - Hallucinogen

17. Creeping Death - Wretched Illusions

16. Death Angel - Humanicide

15. Despised Icon - Purgatory

14. Drudkh - A Few Lines In Archaic Ukrainian

13. Exumer - Hostile Defiance

12. Gatecreeper - Deserted

11. Hideous Divinity - Simulacrum

10. Infant Annihilator - The Battle of Yaldabaoth

9. Noctem - The Black Consecration

8. Rings of Saturn - Gidim

7. Vltimas - Something Wicked Marches In

6. Wormed - Metaportal

5. Overkill - The Wings Of War

Overkill - The Wings Of War

Hard to say what's happened to Overkill, because since 2010, they've been releasing nothing but amazing albums, to the point where it's shocking now, to be on such a run. They weren't exactly slackers before "Ironbound", but since that album, they are out for blood, plain and simple. It sounds like the only things they are consuming are energy drinks and power bars, it's crazy. If this album doesn't get your neck moving then I have no more to say to you. Excellent album for old and new fans alike.


4. Darkthrone - Old Star

Darkthrone - Old Star

I'm one of those infidels who prefers new Darkthrone to old Darkthrone, probably because their music doesn't sound like it was written by teenagers anymore. 2017's "Arctic Thunder" was also very enjoyable, and I am really interested in Darkthrone now for the first time in my life. I don't know if this is classified as black metal or not but I doubt even the band gives a shit what it's called. It's just good, well written dark music. 'Duke of Gloat' is amazing. Enjoy.


3. Nile - Vile Nilotic Rites

Nile - Vile Nilotic Rites

Once again, 4 long years between this and Nile's previous effort "What Should Not Be Unearthed", losing longtime band member - guitarist extraordinaire - Dallas Toler-Wade, Karl Sanders wastes little time getting back to business - the business of shredding faces and liquefying bones with sheer riffs and technical mastery. If you're already a Nile fan you know what to expect, and you will not be let down by this.


2. Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas

Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas

It's been 4 long years since Cattle's previous release, but "Death Atlas" was well worth the wait not only for myself, but for many others. One of the best sounding death metal albums of all time, it's tight, heavy, and absolutely crazy at times, in all the best ways. You've probably heard it already, and if you haven't, then you really should.


1. Misery Index - Rituals of Power

Misery Index - Rituals of Power

Though being a pretty big Misery Index fan, I was let down by 2018's "Pulling Out The Nails", however this year, Misery Index steps right back up to the plate, and knocks "Rituals Of Power" straight out of the park. Well worth a listen, it's demonstration in raw power and excellent song writing.

Entered: 12/18/2019 6:45:21 PM