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Genre: Thrash

United States Country of Origin: United States

Scorched Scorched Full-Length 2023
The Wings Of War The Wings Of War Full-Length 2019
Live In Overhausen Live In Overhausen Live 2018
The Grinding Wheel The Grinding Wheel Full-Length 2017
White Devil Armory White Devil Armory Full-Length 2014
Live From O.Z Live From O.Z Live 2013
6 Songs 6 Songs EP 2012
The Electric Age The Electric Age Full-Length 2012
Ironbound Ironbound Full-Length 2010
Live At Wacken Open Air 2007 Live At Wacken Open Air 2007 DVD 2008
Immortalis Immortalis Full-Length 2007
ReliXIV ReliXIV Full-Length 2005
Killbox 13 Killbox 13 Full-Length 2003
Wrecking Everything Wrecking Everything DVD 2002
Wrecking Everything - Live Wrecking Everything - Live Live 2002
Bloodletting Bloodletting Full-Length 2000
Necroshine Necroshine Full-Length 1999
From The Underground And Below From The Underground And Below Full-Length 1997
The Killing Kind The Killing Kind Full-Length 1996
W.F.O. W.F.O. Full-Length 1994
I Hear Black I Hear Black Full-Length 1993
Horrorscope Horrorscope Full-Length 1991
The Years Of Decay The Years Of Decay Full-Length 1989
Under The Influence Under The Influence Full-Length 1988
Fuck You Fuck You EP 1987
Taking Over Taking Over Full-Length 1987
Feel The Fire Feel The Fire Full-Length 1985
Overkill Overkill EP 1984