The Week In Metal - Week Of Aug 19 - 25, 2019

Judging by increased number of releases, summer must be doing its final lap (except here in Florida of course) and we're back to +- 30-40 releases on any given week. Some bands were so eager to get back to work after vacations that one released its brand new album in over 20 years (Sacred Reich), another one had too much ideas laying around and went for a double with full-length and EP on very same day (Bryan Eckermann), and a horde of black metal artists did everything in their powers to rip apart your final shiny summer days with their tormented visions of eternal darkness.

Obviously there's a lot more sprinkled sulfur in between so, hit play and indulge the stench of wailing creatures rooming the halls of the underground but in case I missed something (and I surely did) I hope in a comment section below you can point me into the records I overlooked or bands to keep an eye on.

Till next week...

Black metal from Poland: Zaglada - The Annihilation Of Spiritual Essence (Independent)


Melodic, death, metalcore from Sweden: Aktaion - Above Empires (Independent)


Melodic, death metal from Finland: Amanita Virosa - Original Plague (Inverse Records)


Power, symphonic metal from Italy: Astralium - Land Of Eternal Dreams (Rockshots Records)


Black, melodic, death metal from United States: Bryan Eckermann - Zychodia (Independent)


Black, melodic, death metal from United States: Bryan Eckermann - Malcolm Rivers (Independent)


Progressive, folk metal from Mexico: Cemican - In Ohtli Teoyohtica In Miquiztli (M-Theory Audio)


Death metal from international band: Darkened - Into The Blackness (Edged Circle Productions)


Folk, epic metal from Germany: Equilibrium - Renegades (Nuclear Blast)


Melodic, death metal from Spain: Eternal Storm - Come The Tide (Transcending Obscurity Records)


Black, doom metal from Poland: Gurthang - Ascension (Immortal Frost Productions)


Black metal from Austria: Hagzissa - They Ride Along (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Black metal from Malaysia: IEON - Pan.Daimon.IEON (Independent)


Melodic, death metal from Denmark: Illdisposed - Reveal Your Soul For The Dead (Massacre Records)


Black, atmospheric metal from Netherlands: Imperial Cult - Spasm Of Light (Sentient Ruin Laboratories)


Doom metal from Sweden: Isole - Dystopia (Hammerheart Records)


Deathcore metal from United States: Neqriem - Triptych Infinitum (QUA Productions)


Black metal from Belarus: Pa Vesh En - Pyrefication (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Thrash metal from United States: Sacred Reich - Awakening (Metal Blade Records)


Melodic, death, pagan metal from Canada: Scimitar - Shadows Of Man (Independent)


Post-Metal from Spain: The Holeum - Sublime Emptiness (LifeForce Records)


Progressive, post-metal from United States: Wrvth - No Rising Sun (Unique Leader Records)


Black metal from Finland: Kêres - Ice, Vapor And Crooked Arrows (Terratur Possessions)


Black metal from Austria: Kringa - Feast Upon The Gleam (Terratur Possessions)


Black metal from Finland: Vordr - Vordr (Terratur Possessions)


Groove metal from Russia: Багира - From Russia With Groove (Independent)


Gothic metal from Poland: Arshenic - Final Collision (Sliptrick Records)


Death metal from Sweden: Sorcery - Necessary Excess Of Violence (Xtreem Music)


Black metal from Sweden: Greve - Nidingsdåd Utav Det Uråldriga (Purity Through Fire)


Black metal from Germany: Mavorim - Aasfresser (Purity Through Fire)


Black metal from France: Neptrecus - Ars Gallica (Purity Through Fire)


Black metal from Germany: Ortus - Forgotten Memories (Narbentage Produktionen)

Zaglada, Aktaion, Amanita Virosa, Astralium, Bryan Eckermann, Cemican, Darkened, Equilibrium, Eternal Storm, Gurthang, Hagzissa, IEON, Illdisposed, Imperial Cult, Isole, Neqriem, Pa Vesh En, Sacred Reich, Scimitar, The Holeum, Wrvth, Kêres, Kringa, Vordr, Багира, Arshenic, Sorcery, Greve, Mavorim, Neptrecus, Ortus

Entered: 8/26/2019 6:33:22 PM