The Week In Metal - Week Of Sep 2 - 8, 2019

Back to school, back to business. September starts with a thunderous roar, with number of outstanding records that in some cases will most likely contend for top spots at the end of the year. If you follow our portal, many of last week releases have been already reviewed and more will come in upcoming days, but while you wait for a written word nothing beats the sound of your favorite band ripping the speakers and making you head-bang in uncontrollable frenzy.

Don't postpone your listening session though, because while it gets colder outside we're just heating up here with busy release schedule. With around 40 records being listed weekly, once you fall behind you'll never catch up. You've been warned!

And as always, in case I missed something that should have been listed here, let us know in the comments section below.

Till next week...

Black metal from United States: Cemetery Lights - The Underworld (Nuclear War Now! Productions)


Melodic, death, groove metal from Italy: 5Rand - Dark Mother (Time To Kill Records)


Black metal from Germany: Arcane Frost - Dragged Into The Void (Independent)


Black metal from Portugal: Black Cilice - Transfixion Of Spirits (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Melodic, technical, death metal from United Kingdom: Cognizance - Malignant Dominion (Prosthetic Records)


Death, grindcore from United States: Cropsy Maniac - Carnage (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)


Melodic, progressive, death metal from Germany: Disillusion - The Liberation (Prophecy Productions)


Black, death metal from Canada: Eclipser - Pathos (Noise Salvation)


Power, symphonic metal from Finland: Everfrost - Winterider (Rockshots Records)


Progressive, dark metal from Spain: Foscor - Els Sepulcres Blancs (Season Of Mist)


Sludge metal from United Kingdom: Gurt - Bongs Of Praise (When Planets Collide)


Brutal, death metal from United States: Horrific Demise - Excruciating Extermination (Comatose Music)


Experimental, avant-garde, ambient metal from United States: Kayo Dot - Blasphemy (Prophecy Productions)


Thrash metal from Germany: Mortal Infinity - In Cold Blood (Independent)


Doom, rock, progressive metal from Germany: Noekk - Waltzing In Obscurity (Prophecy Productions)


Death metal from Switzerland: Omophagia - 646965 (Unique Leader Records)


Doom, rock, psychedelic metal from United States: Pale Grey Lore - Eschatology (Small Stone Recordings)


Black metal from Italy: Perdizione - Haxen / Perdizione (Eternal Death)


Doom, death metal from Finland: Rottendawn - Occult (Saturnal Records)


Black metal from Australia: Runespell - Voice Of Opprobrium (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Black metal from Chile: Slaughtbbath - Alchemical Warfare (Hells Headbangers Records)


Atmospheric, post-black metal from United States: Sleeping Ancient - There Is No Truth But Death (Independent)


Thrash, black, death metal from United States: Slutvomit - Copulation Of Cloven Hooves (Invictus Productions)


Power metal from Finland: Sonata Arctica - Talviyö (Nuclear Blast)


Doom, sludge metal from Portugal: Soul Of Anubis - The Last Journey (Seeing Red Records)


Stoner, psychedelic metal from Germany: Swan Valley Heights - The Heavy Seed (Fuzzorama Records)


Doom, sludge metal from Sweden: Transport League - A Million Volt Scream (Mighty Music)


Death metal from United States: Vitriol - To Bathe From The Throat Of Cowardice (Century Media Records)


Doom, progressive, stoner metal from Sweden: Vokonis - Grasping Time (The Sign Records)


Black, doom, drone metal from United States: מזמור - Cairn (Gilead Media)


Thrash metal from Portugal: Alcoholocaust - Necro Apocalipse Bestial (Helldprod Records)


Thrash metal from Israel: Strident - March Of Plague (Punishment 18 Records)


Progressive metal from Canada: Shades Of Sorrow - Paradox (Sliptrick Records)


Black metal from Poland: Mgła - Age Of Excuse (Northern Heritage)

Cemetery Lights, 5Rand, Arcane Frost, Black Cilice, Cognizance, Cropsy Maniac, Disillusion, Eclipser, Everfrost, Foscor, Gurt, Horrific Demise, Kayo Dot, Mortal Infinity, Noekk, Omophagia, Pale Grey Lore, Perdizione, Rottendawn, Runespell, Slaughtbbath, Sleeping Ancient, Slutvomit, Sonata Arctica, Soul Of Anubis, Swan Valley Heights, Transport League, Vitriol, Vokonis, מזמור, Alcoholocaust, Strident, Shades Of Sorrow, Mgła

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